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Because all the cool kids are doing it, right?

Spent a good half of my day over at my grandparents’ with that side of the family. Can’t say it was particularly thrilling, but they were happy to see me again, so that’s good. It’s what Christmas is all about, right? Being with family, having good times. I’d do a good and decent writeup about how pig disgusting the blatant commercialism/consumerism is, and how stupid people are to take the bait like a bunch of hungry swines, but that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of today. I’ll probably do something bitter like that come next Valentine’s Day.

It’s not a white Christmas over here. Lucky, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. There’s parts of the world where there’s a thick coat of snow though. Like, you know, the North Pole? It has its charm. Everything outside freezing cold, but you have your cozy little fireplace, hot coco and giant dog slippers to keep you warm. Not to mention your love and friendship. Feels good, dunnit? Enjoy it while you can, in a couple of days everyone will be back to being the grumpy assholes they usually are!

Y’all sweethearts have a wonderful Christmas now!
~ Fang


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