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I’d make up a longer title for the game, like Geomesteroids: Hyper-Turbo Cleansing Crew of Geometric Space, but that’d be a bit silly, considering it’s not juicy yet.

Remember The Game Plan? I’m totally seeing that through. If you thought otherwise you might as well get some popcorn, ’cause there’s bound to be a lot more surprises in store for you.
Been steadily chipping away at the first game, a bit of an asteroids clone. I’m not sticking too tight to the original (I don’t do screen-wrapping or velocity-based ship movement in this one) the general idea is there. What it lacks in similarity is made up for in originality. Or so I intend for it to be.

Below you’ll find a cute little gif of my current progress, save for some tweaks to speeds (made things a bit faster, for the challenge). Also present, but not shown, are the statistics it tracks. The game keeps track of your bullets fired and missed, so it can calculate accuracy. It also keeps track of kills and misses, though the latter isn’t accurate yet due to some issues with the way geomasteroids are spawned.

Plans for the near future include improved ‘roids spawning, time-increased difficulty, death screen, scores and achievements. Later on I want to look at explosion effects, sounds, a main menu, and some QoL improvements. And who knows what else will come along the way. I’ll try to keep the feature creep down though, I want to actually finish this. (That doesn’t mean I’m not open to cool little suggestions!)

Monday’s over, rejoice!
~ Fang


  • 17/12/2013 (1:09 AM)

    It looks pretty cool. Keep going at it and make this one of those projects that you finish. Go go go!

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