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No doubt you’ve heard of Bitcoins by now. They’re all the rage, and currently recovering from their recent steep dip due to China blocking transactions of the things.

But have you heard of Dogecoins? Similar to Bitcoins, but they wear the face of a “meme”. I know, sounds pretty sad (and it sort of is), but give me a moment to explain.
Bitcoin’s a crypto-currency. Litecoin is another fairly popular one, but there’s also a bunch that aren’t as popular but still used in niche markets. Dogecoin is now part of that list, and has been growing in popularity. You know what that means right? More value!

The current state of affairs is that 1 US Dollar will get you approximately 800 DOGE. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? A couple days back I remember seeing people buy a million DOGE for something only in the double digits! It’s value is rising pretty fast, and so I decided to jump in on it. Made a very small investment, bought me a couple thousand DOGE, and am now hoping its market doesn’t crash and burn. But look at how it’s been doing today! No denying it shows some promise, at least.

Since it’s a new crypto-currency there’s still a lot of coins to be mined. Mining for currency is using your computer to do complex calculations. You get rewarded with coins for solving lots of calculations. But if you don’t want to mine you can also buy DOGE! There’s various markets going on where people buy and sell like no tomorrow. Trade via PayPal, Bitcoins, wire the money or make them a drawing, and get your share of DOGE before their value rises too high!

Partly due to self-interest (but also because their cheapness makes for a nice introduction into the world) I can’t wait to get you all started. Here’s a couple useful links for you!
Official site
A few free DOGE!
Dogemarket on Reddit
Mining guide

Get rich, have fun!
~ Fang


  • 20/12/2013 (3:33 AM)

    I’m not really sure about how to feel about crypto-coins now and the online currency. I really liked the idea of the Bitcoin, and I still do, but I feel there should be one kind of them. It just seems silly and defeating to have more than one kind.

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