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Caves, p54

Last part of the year, time to buckle down and make this one count! (previous)

‘That’s how it always is!’ Andrea fiercely rebutted. ‘One little thing wrong, everything goes down the damn shitter!’ She slumped back into her chair and put a hand to her face. No sighing, no screaming, just a slight contortion of her face as she held back the tears.
By now Mitchell was as good as awake. ‘Sorry Warren, but…’ He took a moment to find the right words before he burst out. ‘You have no idea of the shit we’ve seen, the hells we’ve been through!’
Andrea looked up at Mitchell who was now standing, leaning forward as if he wanted to intimidate Warren. She hadn’t seen the outburst coming. Neither had her father.
‘I went to see the surface, and this is what I got to show for it!’ His voice vibrated as he pointed at the scars on his face. ‘But I would’ve been off much worse if it wasn’t for Andrea.’ He glanced at her. Maybe she smiled a little bit. ‘And you know what? She’s a damn good scout if I ever met one. You’re a piece of shit dad if you can’t see that in your own daughter.’

Silence fell. Mitchell sat back down and Warren appeared to be going over things in his head. ‘Let’s calm down and back up.’ He started. ‘Did you just say you went to the surface?’
‘Oh!’ Andrea sarcastically exclaimed. ‘Now he’s interested!’
‘So you did?’ Warren leaned forward, seemingly eager to get all his questions answered. ‘How did you find the opening? Where is it?’
‘You know more about this, don’t you?’ Mitchell looked him deep in the eyes. ‘About the surface?’ Warren kept his expression neutral. ‘You’re from the surface, too.’ Snap. Mitchell knew he caught him when he flinched. ‘I’ve heard.’
He threw an angry look Andrea’s way before getting back to Mitchell. ‘I haven’t been completely honest, but don’t we all keep our secrets?’ He was being surprisingly calm about it. ‘I just want you to tell me where the opening is, that’s all I need.’
‘All you need?’ Mitchell’s trust in Warren was almost completely gone. Why hadn’t he told him? ‘What do you need it for?’
‘I’m going to close it off.’

Fuck man, writing conversations is hard. It’s all ‘something’ person adjectively verb ‘something more’. Ugh. (next)
~ Fang


  • 31/12/2013 (12:15 PM)

    Part 54?!
    I do have a lot to catch up on.
    I remember reading part one and then I got too cowardly for my overflowing Feedly.
    Good going!
    And yeah,Happy New Year.
    If it’s already 2014 in your part of the world.:)

  • 31/12/2013 (12:12 AM)

    Conversations are a little tricky but you get the hang of them. I’m a little confused by this one though. I don’t remember Mitchell ever being told Warren was from the surface.

    • 31/12/2013 (1:35 AM)

      Back in p11 Andrea mentioned her dad being from the surface. We now know she’s Warren’s daughter. Is it a stretch to assume Mitchell connected these dots?

    • 31/12/2013 (4:30 AM)

      Well by that point in the conversation he knew he was really her dad. Epic callback to an earlier point in time there.

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