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Caves, p49

Oh shit Fang what are you doing there’s no way this doesn’t go badly. (previous)

They sat at the table in silence for a bit, partly in awe of Gerald’s story, partly out of respect for his father. ‘Thanks for the advice.’ Mitchell broke the silence as he stood up, the noise of his chair being pushed back was slightly unpleasant. ‘But I’ll have to at least see for myself.’
Both Gerald and Andrea were struck with disbelief. Was he really that stupid? Was he really that bold? He signaled to Andrea to leave with him, his expression either vouching for or not giving away as to the seriousness of his plans.

They were standing near the body of water under the opening when Andrea voiced her concern.’Ya sure you want to do this?’
Most of the day was spent finding whatever gear Mitchell thought they needed to get up to the surface. Well, what they needed. It had been decided that he was going to go up there by himself, “just take a peek and come back down”. The plan for accomplishing this boiled down to nothing more than throwing a grappling hook all the way up there. When Andrea asked how he was going to throw it that high, he told her to trust him.

Word of some outsider boy trying something reckless had made its way around town, and a couple of onlookers had gathered. Some of the duo’s recently made acquaintances could be spotted among the small group. All those people were expecting something spectacular, it’s as if Mitchell was about to do a circus performance.
‘Well,’ He inhaled deeply, held his breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhaled. ‘This is it, then.’
He put some of the gemite he had bought from the witch into his pockets, to keep them close to his body. He coiled up the grappling hook’s rope again just to make sure it was done right, and picked a good spot to throw from. He was aiming to get the hook over the edge, hopefully it’d grab hold of something and hang tight.

The hook started spinning. Faster and faster, the centrifugal force was very strongly tugging at it. But it wasn’t strong enough yet. More buildup, more speed. Mitchell had reached his own limits, but expanded those by drawing energy from the gemite. More and more!
He let go, the grapple flew. “Woah”s could be heard in the crowd as it soared through the sky and landed over the edge with a satisfying “cling”.
Mitchell tugged at the rope. The hook settled. The rope would support his weight. It was time to climb.

There’s a couple holes in this part, but whatever. Sentence building isn’t too great though, a lot start with the same words. (next)
~ Fang


  • 12/12/2013 (4:03 PM)

    Can we make Mark’s idea happen? Let’s make that happen. No? Okay, probably a good choice.

    And like he said, I didn’t notice the whole ‘starting sentences with the same words’ thing because it’s done well and doesn’t sound repetitive. Very visual words you have when describing Mitchell getting that grappling hook up there. I really liked it.

  • 12/12/2013 (12:51 PM)

    Starting sentences with the same words isn’t too bad. I can’t see any holes either. Other than the one Mitchell is about to climb out of. Then fall to his death and impale himself on a piece of gemite and become some sort of super human who devastates everything and makes the underground the new surface.

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