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"Best of" albums

You know, music?

There’s a lot of unofficial albums out there. Mostly compilation stuff, like the “best of” albums. You’ve probably seen a couple. If anything, a lot of “top 100 of 2013” albums are being released around this time of year. But you can find them for specific genres, too. A while back I got my hands on some lounge and jazz albums that way. Pretty convenient, cool for getting to know new artists and all that good stuff.

Say you’re having a bunch of people over, and want some casual music playing softly in the background. You’re more of a hardrock kind of guy though, so you don’t have anything you can use. What do you do? You go grab a couple “best of” albums for genres like lounge, chillout, ambient and whatever, throw those in a big playlist, and put that on shuffle for the rest of the night. No need to go fucking around with “Spotify” or whatever the kids these days are using. Just some dragging, a couple clicks, and off you go!

The yearly ones seem to be a bit harder to get though, at least digitally. I actually want to get my hands on some of the pop ones, what with most songs carrying a bit of nostalgia from their specific year. But alas, haven’t found anything good yet.

But yeah, compilations are great, and my posts are definitely starting to lack substance. Just look at all this fluffy mumbo-jumbo!
~ Fang


  • 30/12/2013 (4:25 PM)

    Spotify is what the kids are using? And here I’m just using Pandora like some antiquated goober.

    I usually just put my Zune HD (told you, antiquated goober) on shuffle to please everybody.

  • 30/12/2013 (2:18 AM)

    A lack of substance means a rise in style though, and that can’t be too bad. Possibly. Who knows? I do know that compilation albums like that can be pretty cool. I tend to disagree with them a lot though.

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