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Holy shit guys, it’s the end of the year again. And you know what that means! A shitty recap post, of course.

I’m inclined to say 2013 was a great year. Not sure why, but it just feels like it was. And hey, no denying some pretty cool things went down. Scrolling through the blog’s archive for the past year… there isn’t all that much I can get out of the titles. Cryptic, meaningless, I really should start doing those better. But I digress. I got a year full of things and a mouth overflowing with words, so let’s get this started!

It feels like I’ve had it for ages, but back in February I purchased the glorious domain. It’s served me well so far. Nice and short and all that. Still not super satisfied with my web host, but whatever.
A little earlier, in January, Fang Talks celebrated its second birthday! Along with that came the launch of the v3 layout. The big orangy mess you’re probably looking at when reading this. Over the course of the year I’ve gotten sick and tired of it, learning a bit more about proper good design, and so I think it’s fair to expect v4 sometime next year.

2013 was the year in which I got into game development. I can’t believe it’s not even been a year yet. Earliest recorded progress is from March. I had very little idea what I was doing, boy was I in for a ride! Can’t say much has changed though. I still fuck around, but at least I’m focussing on small things I can finish these days. I remember trying to learn 3D modeling as well, and having ambitions to get into sound design too. How naive I was!
I wouldn’t be covering everything if I didn’t mention the people I met through gamedev. There’s a bunch of great communities out there, met some really cool people with really cool projects. Special mention goes out to the company Thorworks. After randomly meeting them on some event, we got in touch a little bit and I was invited over to their place for a little tour and some chatting. Fast-forward to last week, and we’re discussing the possibility of me getting an internship in the school year 2014-2015. Awesome!

On a related note, I tried picking up drawing. Emphasis there is on tried. Though I do still occasionally sketch silly little things, I’m not doing any real practicing anymore. The same can be said for my venture into 3D modeling, and the tutorial on Ableton Live I was intending to follow. Oh well, at least I know better than to do all those things at once now. Really should get back into drawing though.

Another skill I started taking more seriously was writing. I started a more or less bi-weekly series, Caves. Actually quite surprised I still got it going after, what, almost 55 parts now! It hasn’t always been easy, and most parts are far from decent quality, but I still love doing it. Been getting a lot of great feedback (you know who you are, thank you!) and I feel like it’s been improving my writing.

But let’s get back to more specific events. This year I attend Lowlands, a music festival. Never even been to a concert before, so it was a real thrill. Great fun, good times, and got to know a lot of new artists there.
A couple days before we went there, Project Snip happened. Remember the iconic “lots of hair, kinda messy” thing associated with me? Those who know me personally will know what I’m talking about. “The guy with the hair.” Well, I got it cut, took on a completely new hairstyle. I didn’t tell anyone except the small group involved in pushing me over the edge. My mother didn’t recognize me, my dad asked me what kind of “nazi haircut” this was, and I had to introduce myself to one of my best friends as if he didn’t know me. Needless to say Project Snip was a huge success.

Fast forward through a bunch of failed gamedev projects, the release of OS X 9, LÖVE 0.9.0, the slow but admirable progress of Phonebloks, the rise and fall of Dogecoin, and much much more I’ve already forgotten about. I feel like there should be more to this post, but I can’t think of what I’m missing.
Oh, yeah, sappy “thank you”s for everyone who’s supported me throughout the year. Friends, family, internet people. Y’all are wonderful folks and it’s been a great time hanging with you.

I’ll be off now, partying my way into the next year. May 2014 be a great year for you, let’s make sure more grand times will be had!
~ Fang

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