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Holy shit guys, it’s the end of the year again. And you know what that means! A shitty recap post, of course.

I’m inclined to say 2013 was a great year. Not sure why, but it just feels like it was. And hey, no denying some pretty cool things went down. Scrolling through the blog’s archive for the past year… there isn’t all that much I can get out of the titles. Cryptic, meaningless, I really should start doing those better. But I digress. I got a year full of things and a mouth overflowing with words, so let’s get this started!

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Caves, p54

Last part of the year, time to buckle down and make this one count! (previous)

‘That’s how it always is!’ Andrea fiercely rebutted. ‘One little thing wrong, everything goes down the damn shitter!’ She slumped back into her chair and put a hand to her face. No sighing, no screaming, just a slight contortion of her face as she held back the tears.
By now Mitchell was as good as awake. ‘Sorry Warren, but…’ He took a moment to find the right words before he burst out. ‘You have no idea of the shit we’ve seen, the hells we’ve been through!’
Andrea looked up at Mitchell who was now standing, leaning forward as if he wanted to intimidate Warren. She hadn’t seen the outburst coming. Neither had her father.
‘I went to see the surface, and this is what I got to show for it!’ His voice vibrated as he pointed at the scars on his face. ‘But I would’ve been off much worse if it wasn’t for Andrea.’ He glanced at her. Maybe she smiled a little bit. ‘And you know what? She’s a damn good scout if I ever met one. You’re a piece of shit dad if you can’t see that in your own daughter.’

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"Best of" albums

You know, music?

There’s a lot of unofficial albums out there. Mostly compilation stuff, like the “best of” albums. You’ve probably seen a couple. If anything, a lot of “top 100 of 2013” albums are being released around this time of year. But you can find them for specific genres, too. A while back I got my hands on some lounge and jazz albums that way. Pretty convenient, cool for getting to know new artists and all that good stuff.

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They blow my damn mind.

You should know the genre. SHMUPs (SHoot ‘M UPs), bullet hell or bullet curtain games. Lots of enemies shooting tons of bullets in all kinds of crazy patterns. And they’re hard. Every Shmup worth its salt is difficult. And yes, that means “hard” difficulty is a bit like a nightmare. Playing them is… a unique experience. You know that thing where, when you put too much focus in, you start messing up, so it’s better to go with the flow, not thinking at all? That’s pretty much how they play. Idea Channel recently did a video on it.

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A lot of applications these days can download and install their updates for you. Some games do the same!

Having an updating or patching mechanism built into your game can be really quite convenient, as it brings a couple new possibilities to the table. For example, you can have it download new content automatically. It may be a new item, event or whatever, but it’ll get the latest and greatest to your players without too much trouble. DLC works in a very similar way.

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