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Really Stupid Injury

I just noticed I haven’t even updated you guys on the situation with my job and boss and how all that went down. You’re falling behind, try to keep up!

So after sending an email to my boss about how I didn’t like my work anymore, what was wrong, and what should be improved to make me stay, we decided to meet on Wednesday to sit down like a bunch of adult men and discuss things for a bit. I’m not going to write out every little detail here but the bottom line is that we’ll be changing things up a bit to try and conform to my wants. Not super stoked for it, but we’ll see how it goes. Still going to finish some projects that are slowly chugging along, and after that, who knows.

It’s good to know though, that I’m getting more and more backup options. A real weird experience, seeing friends pop up here and there, providing me with a possible job or two, or setting me up with someone who can. Note that when I say job I mean a single project, haven’t had any “work for me” offers (yet). But maybe that’s okay.

Way back in the day when I first started out with webdev I naively dreamed of becoming a freelancer in the field. Maybe the freelancing aspect of that isn’t that bad an idea after all? At least, for now, while I’m still studying and everything. Income can be very unreliable as a freelancer, which doesn’t sound too pleasant. The “something new every time” aspect seems pretty cool though. Even if you’re just doing a bunch of websites in a row, there’s still bound to be some interesting differences in how the customers wants things and how you tackle that.

Won’t be long before I’m self-sustaining?
~ Fang


  • 22/11/2013 (7:05 PM)

    It says a lot about your work if the boss didn’t use the meeting to list things he wanted from you and actually granted some of the things you asked for. I’ve never tried the self sustaining thing but think it is the way to go if you can hack it. Two of my brothers did. One was successful, the other, not so much.

  • 22/11/2013 (4:00 AM)

    Hopefully it won’t be long until you are self sustaining. I tried to go into freelance, in writing, and it didn’t go well. I suppose I could definitely have tried harder though. You’re trying harder. You’re doing a good job, and you’re being a badass with your boss so I think you can do it.

  • 22/11/2013 (3:55 AM)

    Self-employment is always the way to go PROVIDED that you’ve found a way to make it self-sustaining.

    Don’t make the jump if you’re not ready.

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