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Ages of evolution and you still crack under a tiny bit of pressure?

Not to be taken literally, I didn’t fracture a tooth or anything weird like that. Had a dentist appointment today. Just a regular bi-yearly checkup, nothing special. Well, nothing special. I spent over twenty Euros on the dentist taking a look around, going “welp, come back to get this and that fixed”, and being on my way out again before the five-minute mark. Well, at least we got good healthcare over here, so I get those expenses covered.

Essentially what I got is a soon-to-be cavity. (Took me a while to recall that word, but the Wikipedia page (and all its grueling images) helped.) Right now it’s a small hole, but deep enough for him to stick one of his tools into it, if you know what I mean. Prevention is better than resolving, so we’re getting the thing filled before it can further mess with my third molar.

Pretty lame though, I’ve never been one to slack on dental hygiene. Wasn’t a freak over it, but I brushed twice a day as frequently as possible, and usually pretty thorough. Actually, up until recently, I had always been told my teeth were tip-top state, save for some minor plaque here and there.
But let’s be honest here. Isn’t it kind of weird how our teeth won’t last very long if they don’t get their “thorough cleaning thrice a day”? Proper dental hygiene has only caught on recently, how did people deal with this stuff hundreds of years ago? Sure, lifespans were shorter so the things didn’t need to last as long, but I’m only 19 and they’re already starting to fall apart. (Some people got it even worse, damn.)

Must be something in the food. Surely there’s a conspiracy theory on this.
~ Fang


  • 28/11/2013 (8:40 PM)

    My crown chipped recently while I was eating a potato chip. A damn potato chip. And if you don’t know how they make it, a crown is a solid black layering that protects the tooth, then they cover it with a white filling to make it look “tooth-like.” Well, the white part cracked, so now I have a black back tooth like some kind of pirate. The kicker is the dentist can’t fix it because the white part would just fall off again, and the black part is still intact, so it’s technically fine.

    Fine, he says. Tell that to my BLACK TOOTH.

  • 28/11/2013 (6:15 AM)

    People’s teeth back then were terrible. And our teeth last long even without the cleaning but then we get bad breath, stains, etc. etc. which people back then didn’t care much about either.

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