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I would’ve had a new part of Caves here, but poor planning got in the way and now we have… nothing.

Well, nothing. I can point you in the direction of a pretty damn cool application. (Sure, sure, OS X only, but awesome nonetheless.) TVShows is a beautiful thing. Remember when I tried to install Vuze? I did it because of a feature it has, the ability to read RSS feeds and download new torrents as soon as they come out. TVShows is basically that, except it works with any torrent client you choose to use.

The application (or preference pane, as it installs there) has a built-in list of lots and lots of TV shows. Select one of those and it’ll be automatically downloaded, no hard work required! But is your favorite show not on there? Fear not, you can enter a custom RSS URL for it to work off. And you can do this for as many shows as you want! Pretty cool stuff right?

So what happens when a new episode is released? Is picks the torrent file (or magnet link) right out of the feed and throws it into your bittorrent client. And that’s all there’s to it! Simple and effective, exactly the thing I’ve been looking for.

Hope it helps you, too!
~ Fang


  • 24/11/2013 (1:29 AM)

    I did have some problems finding me a nice torrent earlier, but it was more a matter of waiting for something to be uploaded. There are very few shows I watch when they actually air so I don’t know if I’d get much use, but well done on finding something that works for you and does what you want. That’s a damn good feeling.

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