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Fun at a high, productivity at a low. It’s pretty great, the days feel empty though.

What with Pokemon X in my possession and Risk of Rain having its first release build out, I’m not getting an awful lot of productive things done. Having great fun with those games though, it feels like I’m spending my time wisely. Amusement is important. Yet, at the end of the day, I feel sort of bad for not getting shit done. Sure I’m getting a break to build up energy because school starts again tomorrow, but eh.

Read about this earlier, the term “zero-day” applies here. A zero-day is any day on which you do not put any effort towards any of your goals and/or ambitions. Zero-days are bad. Hell, even if it’s 11:58 PM and you haven’t done anything good yet, squeezing in those last two minutes of productivity is better than nothing. Two is greater than zero, after all.
Pretty cool stuff, and I think I’ll have to make myself follow the rule of never having a zero-day. Ever. As I said, even a minute or two of work counts, so it shouldn’t be super hard, right? Or at the very least I should make a fairer distribution between fun and productivity. Currently there just isn’t any balance.

I’m hoping to spend some solid good time thinking about the future of Caves as well. Not just the plotline, but the story as a whole. It’s obvious it’ll need a shitton of rewriting if I ever want to release it in whatever form (even though technically it’s already being released). Not sure I want to go through that stage, it may very well become a rough and painful one.

Will at least try to get it back on track though, I owe you loyal readers that much.
~ Fang


  • 11/11/2013 (1:40 PM)

    I don’t think you need to do all that much rewriting on Caves, and hey there’s no such thing as a Zero Day. Even playing games holds some mental merit. Would explain how I can get so depressed though. Damn I need to get more done.

  • 11/11/2013 (11:19 AM)

    Zero-days is a new concept for me. I’m doing some thinking about that especially since about 10 years of my life was spent, for most part playing games. I don’t think any time spent doing anything is zero except the time people spend regretting something they have or have not done. That accomplishes nothing. All those days in cyber dungeons, building cyber cities and all the other stuff has certainly fed my imagination if not my accomplishments.

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