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The fuck is this?

It’s been out for a while now, but decided it was high time I watch this short series.

At a measly four episodes it’s more of a special than anything else. It’s a take on the anime that strongly holds to the games in how everything works and flows. Yes, that includes the storyline. Most of that is skipped though, since the episodes only cover some key points in protagonist Red’s adventure: from the start to the Boulder Badge, the Lavender town arc, the Silph Co. arc and from his battle with the Champion to the completion of the Pokédex. Everything in between is covered in short “what happened in the mean time” segments at the beginning of each episode.

Though still quite strong on the moral front with Pokemon’s usual “friendship” trope, this is way more in the direction I wish the original anime had taken. There’s less fluffy story elements, everything seems a lot more serious. The battles are a good example, some of the stuff seems pretty gruesome. And thank God, the creatures actually make animalistic noises instead of repeating their own name over and over again!

A lot of jokes from the game made their return, such as the classic “you are light years away from facing Brock!” It’s great to see how they’ve gone back to the roots. Sure the direction of the story is hella predictable because of it, but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad! It’s actually a good take on it all, and I kind of wish they had covered some of the events they skipped because they would’ve been real rad in this style.

“Mega Evolution”, something introduced in the recently released Pokemon X and Y (which I haven’t reviewed yet for some reason), makes its appearance in the last episode. I’m no fan of it, and it’s quite sad they probably put that in as a marketing ploy. Sure it was nice to see in action, but just, ugh. Well, at least it sort of fit in the scene. But throughout the story? It was like that awkward kid that always hung out, but nobody really talked about.

Overall though Origins is a pretty good thing. Especially with a revamp of the original score, watching it really brought me back.
~ Fang


  • 26/11/2013 (7:41 AM)

    I have way too many other things to watch first.

    Like people doing Let’s Plays of terrible, terrible games.

  • 26/11/2013 (4:02 AM)

    I didn’t know this was a thing and now I need to see it.

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