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New TLDs

Here’s a bit of a techy post, but should be fun for the entire audience nonetheless.

So apparently ICANN will be releasing a bunch of new TLDs this and next year. What’s a TLD? A Top-Level Domain. The .com or .org in web addresses are TLDs. You can do pretty cool things with some of the country-specific TLDs, like .ly. Think of website adresses like,,, and so on. (The .io TLD is also popular with developers because of the “I/O, Input/Output” thing.) Imagine my gleeful reaction when I found out ICANN will be adding over 300 requested ones to the existing bunch.

The joy settled down quickly though, when I saw what they were. Who in the world thought these up? .mom, .dad? Almost everyone in (web) marketing knows having a monstrosity of a url in the form of is not a good idea, ever. And .versicherung? Germany may have money to burn. .wow remains the best one by far though. .free and its Dutch counterpart .gratis just make me cringe.

Not that they’d affect me though. I’m afraid the requesters of these TLDs pitched in a lot of money to submit them. This has them end up as the registrar (owner and reseller) of the things. So unless whoever got that awesome .ing TLD through starts selling them, we can’t pull any stunts.

Shame, but it would’ve cost me my wallet, so at least that’s safe.
~ Fang


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