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You just lost it

No Caves today. I just can’t do this man, it’s hard.

Plot building is hard. Even more so when the existing foundation was somewhat hastily thought up and has all these little loose ends you intended on tying together somewhere, but you’re losing sight of where the red line’s going. In fact, I’m willing to go as far as saying I’ve never really had an idea for the red lining. I have a few places in mind where I don’t want it to go, but other than that, I may have worked myself into a bit of a dead end.

And that sucks, because I really like what I have going so far. I believe this is the furthest (farthest?) I’ve ever come as far as story writing is concerned, and it’s definitely in the top something list of “most completed projects”. I want to see this through. Not necessarily editing it and getting it published one way or another, but at least getting the story finished, being able to say “yeah I wrote a thing and people think it’s okay”.

I genuinely hope I can kick this that far. If not, I’ll be mildly disappointed in myself and mourn the time I spent on a failure for days. Sure, a good learning experience and very nice practice, but it’s become on of my babies by now. And nobody likes seeing babies die.

Let’s leave it at that shitty analogy for today. Hope to be back with a new Caves very soon, but no promises.
~ Fang


  • 11/11/2013 (4:27 AM)

    I believe farthest is only used for physical distance.

    I’m totally gonna write stuff, but I haven’t really started yet.
    Good on ya.

    I wouldn’t say it’s dead if you don’t finish it. At worst, it has grown apart from you, or more like you from it.
    I should think the only reason one would be unable to finish something is that they have become different enough from who they were when they began.

    However, I would imagine that you’ll come up with something if you just kinda let it come to you in its own time.
    That’s how music-making works for me, anyway.
    I can help it along by going over what I’ve done though, so if you haven’t re-read your old stuff a lot I’d suggest doing so, or maybe even recording it and listening to it on repeat without actually listening to it.
    The subconscious helps much with creativity.
    Which bugs me when I’m trying to sleep and I wake up to record. (:

  • 09/11/2013 (4:41 AM)

    I know how you feel there. I have no clue how I’ve managed to do some of the writing I have. But you can keep on going. Just keep doing it what you’re doing and see where the story develops. Sometimes a story will help you write it.

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