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It begins.

Some of you may have seen me spazzing over a package. Well, this is the one.

A friend and I stoked each other up into buying a 3DS XL and a version of the latest Pokemon game, because hey, what better way to play than a game of one of your favorite series you know nothing about yet. Got myself the RedxBlack version, and boy, she’s a beaut! The red isn’t as matte as it looks on most images I could find online. It actually has a more metallic finish to it. Still not glossy though, so bye-bye to those fingerprints!

So, 3DS, how’s the 3D? It… took some getting used to, you’ll have a tad bit of trouble finding that sweet spot at first, but I’m practiced in the art already. It looks amazing. I know I’m late to the party, but damn, glasses-free 3D is pretty cool. Concerns about eyestrain? Yeah, a little. I’ve been using it for a couple hours with the 3D depth slider turned all the way up though. I think frequent breaks’ll do the trick.

Contrary to the older lines of DS systems, this one actually has support for all WiFi networks (ie no more hassling if you don’t have an open or WAP-protected network). The thing’s chock-full of wireless features though. Street Pass, Spot Pass, freaking Pass Pass. (Okay maybe not that last one.) It’s kind of pushing you to take it out in the open, stroll through town with it, and see if you pick up any hits. (I’ll probably do this when I go to school on Thursday.)

I’ll go into more detail in a later post, try and write a review of sorts. I want to experience some of its other features before I do that. In the mean time, expect lower quality posts because of this new distraction in my life.

It also takes 3D pictures. Which means I can view the real world… in 3D!
~ Fang

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