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The list keeps growing, but I don’t think we’re sure how.

How do we decide whether something is, or can even be considered, an art? What falls under art these days? We have the classics. Literature, play, film, music, art (ie paintings, sculptures, etc). Games as an art form have been becoming more prominent and I’m pretty sure dance has grown to become an art. But why do we consider those things art? What sets them apart from the things that don’t get the label?

You could say that as long as there’s room for self-expression, it’s an art. But that essentially turns everything into an art. I could very well express myself by making a pile of dirty clothes and jumping into them, but that doesn’t seem that special.
Special, hm? Maybe art has to have constraint, but leave enough room for you to give your unique twist to it. Like, I don’t know, cooking or sports? Nah, not really. I don’t think art has constraints by definition.

But could those be considered art, too? Cooking requires a certain amount of knowledge and skill, but still leaves you to toy with things to try and improve, or maybe discover something new and great. Sports, too. In fact, making any art in general requires proficiency and know-how. Isn’t that it? Isn’t an art something that makes people go “Wow, impressive, I would never be able to do/make that”?

That could mostly be the case, but then what about the folks who put a black dot on a white canvas, speak some pretty words about it, and call that art? Rather pretentious, isn’t it? That’s what some art is about, it seems. People acting all high and mighty, like they know so much, and have such deep messages to convey. Or it’s their fanboys doing that for them, in case they’ve already come to pass.

Maybe art is just an umbrella term for all the things I listed, and more. Maybe the undefinable nature of the term makes it in itself a work of art. So deep.
~ Fang


  • 01/12/2013 (3:30 AM)

    That was pretty darn deep. I’m not sure you can really define something as art. It’s very subjective and there are some things people think are art that others don’t. If you think it’s art, it very well could be.

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