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Not to be confused with the beverage brewing variety, and specifically on devices it actually shouldn’t be run on.

You know how it goes. A new gaming handheld or console comes out, and people start trying to crack it. Try and run custom software with the end goal of selling modifications or special cartridges that allow you to play game ROMs (the data used to run the game) you downloaded from the internet. Of course under the mantle of “use it to run game backups!” because of, you know, companies possibly suing your ass.

It usually gives birth to a pretty booming homebrew community for the device, assuming it’s decently well-known and all that. In case you’re no in the know, homebrew is what it sounds like. Home-made software, almost exclusively by hobbyists. Aforementioned methods usually allow for homebrew to be run, in addition to the game backups. Where one would need an expensive license and a lot of smooth talking to get their software running on the gaming device, you can now simply upload it to the device and give it a whirl. Needless to say, people enjoy this.

And to me it seems like it could be really fun, too. I actually can’t wait for the 3DS flashcards to become better and more available so they actually run custom software. Will probably be a huge pain to get anything running though, what with it being very fresh still. Maybe I’m better off looking into making homebrew for the old DSes? They got plenty already (even emulators of older consoles, go figure) so there’s bound to be some documentation and how-to’s out there, right?

Just think about it, coding up a fun little game concept you would’ve loved seeing on your console of choice, and then playing it on the thing, just like that! Sure a lot of companies are making their devkits more accessible to the independent game developer, but eh, it’s still often a long-winded process with relatively little people ending up with kits.

We’ll see. I’ll probably forget about this later anyway.
~ Fang

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