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Talked to a friend about this yesterday. About how I’m going to land a good job, earn the big phat buxx, so I can go traveling the planet. Realized a couple useful things about myself when it comes to how I look at getting a job and all that. Actually, it all kind of frightens me. I’m supposed to be networking, getting my name out there, but I don’t think I’m good enough. Sure I know a lot, bit my knowledge is more broad than it is deep, which gives me that feeling of “I don’t know jack so I won’t be able to do much”. Also the reason why I’ve been refraining from joining open source projects.

It’s… difficult. Apparently getting my name out there isn’t super hard. And it would be cool if it did, because it might land me a project or two to work on. Gets me experience and some nice pocket money. But I’m afraid to step up to companies and have myself heard. Friend told me I should just go there, even if it’s just asking for advice on what I’d best do with one of my projects. It’ll show the company I’m motivated, willing to learn, and most would be fairly quick to dive onto young blood like me.

Or maybe go ask to speak at schools about my projects, maybe recruit some art folks that way. It’s all pretty good ideas, but I’m too chicken to actively follow through. Then again, those may be my only way out. At my study we’re being taught how to work for companies, make things for companies. In an ideal world my job wouldn’t involve dealing with companies at all. Just making software for the masses, that’d be cool. No very specific target audience bullshit.

But hey, I’ve still got a couple years for all that. Next year I’ll have to do an internship, we’ll see how that goes first.
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  • 11/11/2013 (4:34 AM)

    Giving advice can be silly (sometimes even seem condescending), due to the fact that one has an at least vague idea of what they want to do already/will follow through on their own time.

    That said, your friend is right.
    I mean, practice being confident if you don’t feel like just going there,
    but the first times will always be a bit nervewracking.
    It’ll get easier, and there will always be times when it won’t work.
    It’s just a matter of doing it until it works.

    A quote that comes to mind is one from Michael Jordan.

  • 02/11/2013 (3:10 PM)

    I.N.D.Y. D.E.V.E.L.O.P.E.R

    Srsly, just gain all the skills you can and maybe whore yourself out a little to build up a profile and a deep knowledge base, and become the next great independent developer. Maybe you can even get in the Humble Indy Bundle which would definitely help. Getting in touch with companies does sound like a good idea. I know you don’t like the idea of doing it but just go for it. Consider it a necessary evil.

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