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Be mindful of who you bare your fangs at, son.

As you enter the final sprint you are overcome by a feeling of anxiety. Everything breaks down, and you only have your shaky hands to fix it.

So everything for the school project has to be handed in by tomorrow night. We currently still only have the bare-bones features, but that’s all we had planned anyway. We’ve been given a bit more leeway since we’re such a small team, but I’ll probably still spend the day tomorrow juicing it all up. If I don’t lose all my time to conforming to all kinds of silly little requirements, that is. It all rather sucks.

The fact that the required contents of some of the documents is incredibly vague isn’t helping either. We must include a document “creative problem solving”, describing our approach to the problem, the pros and cons, and some alternatives. …What problem? We have to make an auction website, what’s the problem in that? Figuring out what data to store isn’t exactly rocket science. Not something I could write two whole pages about anyway.

A teammate won’t be showing up tomorrow. He’ll be working with us via Skype, so that’s good, just not as good as him actually being there. It can’t be helped though, we’ll have to make it work somehow. We’ll also have to make a lot more things work, add in a shitton of comments (because those are mandatory for some reason (I can see where they’re coming from, but forcing instead of teaching it as good practice?)), do a lot of fool-proofing and once we got that all wrapped up, prepare for the presentation on wednesday.

I hate school projects. They have near zero added value when compared to slightly larger assignments.
~ Fang


  • 05/11/2013 (8:50 AM)

    Yep. I too hated group projects for this exact same reason and almost always opted to do it myself whenever possible.

  • 04/11/2013 (3:01 PM)

    And all of this reminds me of why I hated school projects. At least your MIA team member is going to contribute via Skype. Our missing teammates would just expect us to do everything without them.

  • 04/11/2013 (12:19 AM)

    Well good luck with it all. There are some problems that are associated with auction websites actually. What to do about missold products is one thing. Do you ban people from using programs that automatically bid for them? Are there limits on what people can sell? Prices? What commission would be good to make the site profitable or at the least, functional, while still remaining fair?

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