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Here’s my problem with (some) TV series and, to a lesser extent, movies.

You know how when someone does something really stupid, you feel stupid for them? I have that. In real life, but with things on screens, too. And not just with stupidity or awkwardness, but petty much anything. I’m not one to break down when a character sheds a tear, but I’ll be damned if I manage to keep my hairs on my head if they discover they oversaw a minute yet important detail or whatever.

I find it really weird how we can get so connected to someone’s fake emotions displayed through a box of light. ‘Cause that’s basically what it is, right? It seems vaguely similar to pareidolia, where people see faces and such where there really aren’t any, like so or so.
Actually no, scratch that, it isn’t similar at all. But now at least I have a good reason to link in those images.

Guess it goes to show how good the acting is, at least. If the actors are doing a piss-poor job then I still feel bad for the character. I feel bad for them because they’re being re-enacted so awfully. Luckily I’m a smart man and choose to not watch those things for too long. Unless we’re having a gag movie night, then it’s all good and fun. Mostly fun, not much good in there.

Related, I’ve started watching Breaking Bad. It’s bretty kuhl.
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  • 30/11/2013 (1:41 AM)

    I don’t think it’s that weird. I’ve seen people reduced to tears by the words I write and it’s generally the same with acting. In a way it’s possibly easier to connect with someone on a screen. It’s a sign of good acting and writing.

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