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Caves, p45

I’m feeling good about scary things, so no crashing and burning for Caves today! Hopefully. (previous)

Where to start though? Mitchell knew what kind of information he was looking for, but randomly asking people up front struck him as inappropriate and impolite. There was a stall selling those special gems further down the road, that would make for a good starting point.
‘Oh, some outsiders eh? Don’t get your kind very often.’ The elderly lady greeted them with a somewhat snarly remark, her voice cracking as she spoke. ‘Got me some fresh, fueled up, completely filled gemite for sale. Go ahead, pick one up!’ She was obviously taunting them, mocking them for their assumed inability to get in contact with the things without getting hurt. Andrea of course couldn’t resist the urge. She lunged forward and wrapped her hand around a sizable piece of gemite.

Nothing. ‘I feel nothing.’ She smiled at the woman who, at least with her current expression, looked like a bit of a witch.
Some grumbling and audible grinding of the witch’s teeth. ‘That’s some flow you got going. Bet that half-heretic Lenart cleared you up.’ Before Andrea could provide her with an answer she didn’t deserve, she turned her attention to Mitchell. ‘But what about you, boy?’
He straightened his back and tried to take on a more professional attitude in an effort to hide his negative opinion on his conversational partner. ‘Simply looking for information, nothing more.’
She clenched her lips together for a second. ‘Wrong stand then, only sell rocks. Look someplace else.’
‘Surely you must know something about your wares?’ A verbal foot in the door. ‘Anything an outsider like me might want to know?’

Having to look up half of the words I use to make sure I use them correctly. Keeping everything hi-q and correct is killing my flow. And again sorry for the short part. Hate to do this, but it’s all I got for now. (next)
~ Fang


  • 21/11/2013 (4:23 PM)

    Another good part. My only gripe is this:

    Nothing. ‘I feel nothing.’

    It seems repetitive, since the narrator says nothing happened, and then the character confirms that nothing happened.

    On the plus side, I love this line. Really adds character to the witch: “Wrong stand then, only sell rocks.”

  • 21/11/2013 (1:28 PM)

    Don’t worry about the shortness of parts. It went quite well. Kinda sad that Mitchell isn’t some sort of chosen one though. Seems he just found himself some gemite. He’s still kinda special in that he can use it when Andrea can’t though.

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