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Caves, p44

About damn time we fill this void, don’t you think? Caves is back and as aimless as ever! (previous)

‘I want you kids out of here in a few hours.’ Lenart spoke cold words, not even five minutes after waking the duo up. ‘Take your time to gather whatever you need, the village has plenty up for trade.’
After she made sure their host had left, Andrea turned to Mitchell. ‘Well that’s… What was that? Kind or damn rude?’ She laughed a little bit, but ran out of breath pretty quickly.
‘Take it you’re feeling better?’ Mitchell scanned the room. ‘At least you aren’t spewing blood all over everywhere anymore.’ He got a playful punch to the shoulder.
‘C’mon, it couldn’t’ve been that bad!’ With a light sigh she rubbed her head. ‘Bit hungover, but fine ‘nough.’

‘Hey,’ Andrea called to Mitchell while facing the other way. The two were strolling around town, trying to find anything good. There were a couple small stalls set up selling goods. Mostly consumables, and nothing that could compare in usefulness to most of the gear they left at their little tree hideout. ‘Shouldn’t you be asking around?’
He moved forward a bit to at least see the profile of her face while they were talking. ‘About what?’
‘That gaping hole that nearly killed me, you dunce!’ It took a while for Mitchell to realize what she was talking about. The situation back there’d been sort of hectic after all. ‘People here oughta have some good info on it, right?’
‘Probably a fine idea, thanks.’ The whole thing had completely slipped his mind because of recent events. A lot of new questions had arisen, especially regarding the curious village they had found themselves in. Andrea didn’t seem to be plagued with them in the slightest however, and strolled around as casually as ever. He figured it’d probably be best to stay focussed on his objective though, as it seemed a lot more within reach already.

Sorry for the short part, but gotta run. Feels like there’s a lot of bullshit in there. (Almost as if it’s just another stupid RPG script.) Well, at least we got it rolling again. The story that is, not the bullshit. (next)
~ Fang


  • 18/11/2013 (2:58 PM)

    Not bullshit. Just stuff you need to progress the story. It can’t all be wyverns and blood spewing.

  • 15/11/2013 (10:44 PM)

    Nah I think it’s fine. The sudden transition threw me off a bit but other than that it was, as said, fine. It was actually pretty kind of the guy to give them a few hours. A jerk would have just woken them up and kicked them out.

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