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02 11 13

Carry a notebook

I had a good idea for a post today but didn’t write it down. Now it’s time to post and I’ve forgotten.

Moral of the story: carry a notebook with you. Or any other note-taking apparatus will do, really. Pick your favorite.
In all seriousness though, this is something I should start doing. There’s plenty of times where ideas come into mind, or I just want to draw something for whatever reason. Being able to write things down all the time probably is a huge boon when it comes to brainstorming, coming up with new ideas, expanding on existing ones. Be honest with me here, how many times do you recall having a good idea? Cool. But how many good ideas have you actually remembered? See, that’s what I’m talking about.

I think it’ll also help me draw a bit more frequently. Those times when the train takes forever to leave a station? Boring, but I could do a speed-sketch of my view from the window, practicing my “draw what you see” skills in doing so. Or when an interesting possible plot twist comes to mind, I could draw a silly little diagram and jot down how everything would unfold.

Some writers would argue they would rather be found dead than without their notebook. I wouldn’t take it to such extremes, but if you make a living off of your stories, then having safety nets in place for ideas spilling out of your brain might be a great thing to have.

It’s probably happened to you plenty of times now, so go get a notebook or something. I shouldn’t be one to talk though, I still travel without one too.
~ Fang


  • 11/11/2013 (4:26 AM)

    Indeed I came to the conclusion today that I should be carrying a notebook and writing utensil with me at all times.

    Though I do very often use my phone to write stuff.

  • 03/11/2013 (3:30 AM)

    I don’t carry a notebook but I have used the one on my phone quite a few times. I can’t draw with it, but I can certainly jot down ideas and am known to do it at all hours of the day. Especially when I’m trying to sleep.

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