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The list keeps growing, but I don’t think we’re sure how.

How do we decide whether something is, or can even be considered, an art? What falls under art these days? We have the classics. Literature, play, film, music, art (ie paintings, sculptures, etc). Games as an art form have been becoming more prominent and I’m pretty sure dance has grown to become an art. But why do we consider those things art? What sets them apart from the things that don’t get the label?

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Here’s my problem with (some) TV series and, to a lesser extent, movies.

You know how when someone does something really stupid, you feel stupid for them? I have that. In real life, but with things on screens, too. And not just with stupidity or awkwardness, but petty much anything. I’m not one to break down when a character sheds a tear, but I’ll be damned if I manage to keep my hairs on my head if they discover they oversaw a minute yet important detail or whatever.

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Caves, p47

I fear I’m going to go downhill again. Let’s hope it isn’t justified. (previous)

‘Gerald!’ The woman angrily exclaimed without even turning around. ‘I’m trying to do some business here.’
The man sighed. ‘Grandmother please, you are not going to allow these people to get themselves killed, are you?’ He gestured to Mitchell and Andrea to come in. ‘Let me educate you.’
‘What?’ A snarl from the witch. ‘Not in my house!’
Andrea was all too happy to join the woman’s side as she already didn’t like this Gerald. ‘Yeah, mind your own business!’
‘Do not worry about it.’ He said to Mitchell, and again signaled for him to enter. ‘I own this residence, please be my guest.’

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Ages of evolution and you still crack under a tiny bit of pressure?

Not to be taken literally, I didn’t fracture a tooth or anything weird like that. Had a dentist appointment today. Just a regular bi-yearly checkup, nothing special. Well, nothing special. I spent over twenty Euros on the dentist taking a look around, going “welp, come back to get this and that fixed”, and being on my way out again before the five-minute mark. Well, at least we got good healthcare over here, so I get those expenses covered.

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I’ll just write this then. Can’t come up with much else at the moment, so hey.

Sort of following up on the recent post about thinking up new game mechanics, here’s one about prototyping. And let me tell you, it’s mighty important!
Let’s say you have an idea for a potential game in your head. Seems pretty fun, right? It looks great, the sounds are nice and everyone’s smiling! But try stripping all of that away. A bit harder to imagine, right? Now try to think what it’s like playing that “naked” version of your not yet built game. What, you’re having a bit of a rough time with that? Well duh, that’s where prototypes come in!

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