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Running shoes

Did I mention I went and invested in professional athletic footwear last Friday? Don’t think I did.

Well, went for another run with the old man today to try them out. We decided it was high time to kick things up a notch, and went 5 x 3.5 minutes, a total of 2.5 minutes more than previous times. Granted, it isn’t exactly a huge amount, but we’re (I’m) getting there, slowly but surely. Sadly even after, what, five weeks now my dad still has a way easier time than I do. I don’t know what happened to my power of youth, but getting it back might be the right course of action here.

I digress. The running shoes. Fucking wow. Up until now I had been running on old, stiff, low-quality sneakers. They didn’t fit super well, and so I wasn’t walking very well in them either. But with these new shoes? Fleetfoot Fang flying forward! Okay, maybe it wasn’t that extreme a change, but it definitely ran way better. They took a lot of the impact for me, so I didn’t have slightly aching leg bones afterwards either. And then there’s the incredible lightness of the thing. They weigh close to nothing, and the feeling of wind blowing into your shoes and cooling off your feet only adds to this.

Seriously, if you’ve taken up jogging, running, whatever and you haven’t yet invested in a decent pair of running shoes, you’re missing out. It makes everything so much better. Yes, that includes your workout. Less pain, more gain.

On a slightly related note, my feet have a roughly half centimeter size difference. I can not live with myself anymore.
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  • 22/10/2013 (2:25 AM)

    I’m not sure about my feet but I think one of my legs might be a little longer. Anyway I could really do with a pair of decent trainers as my current pair are pretty ratty and not very comfortable.

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