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A while ago I posted about Phonebloks, this cool new concept that’s basically a “pick your parts” smartphone.

Today, its spark is sent flying. Automated messages about it everywhere… or so I had hoped. As far as I’m aware, the buzz isn’t nearly as great as it was when the plan was first announced. Saw that coming miles away, but still. Haven’t heard much news in a while, but when I just checked their website, apparently they’re sort of teaming up with Motorola? Motorola has been working on a similar concept for a while now, and apparently they’re interested in supporting Phonebloks as well. I believe we’ll still be getting two separate phones though.

That’s a pretty interesting turn, actually. I had expected lots of companies to scumbag their way out, try to keep this thing down because it’ll reduce profit in the long run. (Right?) But it seemed like a lot of them were genuinely interested. Shame most didn’t share the philosophy behind it with Phonebloks. The whole “open source, highly accessible” thing is pretty major.

Motorola seems like a good fit for a partner, but we’ll see where it all goes from here. I’m not big on the hardware side, but I would’ve liked being able to develop my own bloks. But who knows, maybe we can get programmable bloks one day? Time will tell, but for now, I gave my heads up as a “software developer”. Maybe I can get a devkit sometime.

Maybe I can make something cool for it.
~ Fang


  • 30/10/2013 (7:34 AM)

    Seems like a neat idea. It’ll become a thing eventually with an idea this good.

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