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People’s lives

Not as peppy after my run as I’d hoped, but here goes a shot at a semi-decent post anyway.

There’s so many people. They’re just everywhere. This morning there was a lady in the bus who was eating muesli with yoghurt, right out of a small yoghurt carton, with a metal spoon she probably brought from home. Why would you do this? She probably didn’t have the time to eat breakfast at home, or maybe she overslept? Nah, pretty sure it’s the former. She looked pretty worn, still pretty sleepy. The fact that she thought of taking her breakfast with her told me she isn’t someone to get knocked down easily though.

In the train there was this man. Fully suited, he was talking loudly on his Blackberry phone, some business related talk I didn’t catch most of. He sounded a tad angry, but tried to keep his calm. Must’ve been an important customer, or a higher-up he was talking to. I wonder what kind of business he does? He didn’t seem like the boring old accountant type, and what I caught of his conversation sounded somewhat important. Maybe he’s the head of a department of his company? Could very well be, but I imagine he’d have trouble staying in control of his people.

I can’t forget the old man. I saw him slowly making his way across the station, looking around confused. Did he have trouble finding the right track? Maybe he always used to have his wife with him, but she recently passed away and now he’s on his own, left to his own devices to find his way through the social maze that is a busy train station. Yeah, that could’ve been it. He didn’t seem too happy, but not just because of his old, worn looks. His eyes seemed not alive at all, despite them hastily scanning his surroundings over and over.

You never know with other people. You never know.
~ Fang


  • 12/10/2013 (6:15 AM)

    Unless you’re Sherlock Holmes. I wish I had his levels of observation.

  • 12/10/2013 (12:29 AM)

    Sometimes watching strangers and wondering what’s their life can be very interesting

  • 11/10/2013 (7:10 PM)

    Always good to see somebody think more of sitautions then just the plane obvious. I mean the woman could have been over working. Maybe a very intresting story why she is doing that. And you didn’t help the old man out. I would also wouldn’t help him or maybe i would have hmmm. Probably depended on my time. Calling in the train is just straight out irritating to be honest.

  • 11/10/2013 (1:31 AM)

    Everyone we walk past or see in our day to day lives has a whole other life of their own. It can be worth thinking about and at the same time it’s not because it would be murder to your brain. Contemplate your own life and examine it, and then try and do that for every random stranger? It’s a head spinner.

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