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Mac OS 10.9 got released today. I haven’t installed it yet, going to play the waiting game, see if anything big is breaking and requires patience for an update to arrive. Got a lot of programs, plugins and modifications installed which are already pretty outdated, but miraculously still run. Last I heard 10/9 revamped some major things behind the scenes, so I fear the worst. Still, I can’t wait to install and use it, since it fixes a lot of things that should’ve just been this way from the start (ie running something fullscreen no longer renders additional monitors useless). Frankly, the business end of Mavericks follows this pattern as well.

It should be old news by now, Apple products aren’t the cheapest. I’ve always justified this by pointing to their desktop OS, which thanks to some (I’ll admit) pretty clever ploys is exclusive to their computers only. Up until this point, you’ve always had to pay for OS upgrades though. You pay a huge price for a decent product with superb OS, but have to shove in extra dosh (albeit not very much) if you want the latest and greatest when it comes out. Pretty stupid, right? (For Windows this is the other way around, you can get the hardware for cheap(er), but OS updates cost you a fortune. Linux is free so it doesn’t even need mentioning.) They finally changed that, upgrading to 10.9 is completely free of charge.

Pretty smart move if you ask me. Of course there’s the whole “we want everyone to have access to the latest” thing they keep spouting too. That’s pretty good, I’ll give them that. Especially from a developer’s perspective. The higher the adoption rate of a new system, the sooner you can forget about supporting older versions. Oh and this makes the consumer happy too.

For once, a decent move by Apple. Such a contrast compared to the “iPad Air”, which is just plain ridiculous.
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  • 24/10/2013 (4:25 AM)

    Eh, doesn’t really apply to me. PC Masterrace and I barely use my Mac as it is.

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