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There’s been an increase in more technical posts lately, hasn’t there? I try my best to make them comprehensible for the non-techies.

So, web development. Deep sigh. Not exactly programming, but for me it is related in that it got me into it. That is to say, webdev got me into programming. The entry barrier for HTML and CSS is incredibly low, which helped my younger self get going with it. (When I say “younger self” I am sad to report that this wasn’t in my pre teen years.) Great fun, and it’s pretty cool to be able to make your own place on the internet. Hosting can be dirt-cheap these days after all.

It’s changed a lot though. Not necessarily web development itself, but more how I view it, how I use it. I only rarely do personal projects anymore, and I kind of hate to think I didn’t do anything cool with PHP yet. All I do that is webdev related these days is work. Anything from actually making websites using HTMl, CSS, the likes, to doing small CMS fixes. Adding content, patching that widget up, whatever. It’s all pretty… lame to do, actually. Sure, it pays the bills, but I don’t see myself continuing on with this for times to come.

And CSS is just always the same shit over and over again. The same little quirks I need to patch up manually, the same weird mistakes I make with the same stubborn attitude. It gets kind of tiring, really, sighing every time one of its “this is usually the preferred working” things doesn’t fit your case.

There were days I was busy setting up some site some community wanted. I did this a thousand times over and not a single one was ever finished, but I had fun. PHP was fun, interactive websites were fun. Default static web development isn’t. Then again, I’m not much one for “web apps” either, I’d much rather prefer to program the application so it can be run locally.

I’m just… kind of confused? Similar to my webdev endeavors, this post has lost all sense of direction and is currently heading towards a cliff at a nice and steady pace. Not sure exactly when it’ll all plummet down, but one thing’s for sure, I need to start doing more webdev hobbying again, especially the aforementioned interactive websites. Or, you know, anything that involved more than plain HTML/CSS really.

There, a cute little rant by a confused little boy about his tiny little problems.
~ Fang


  • 07/10/2013 (1:35 PM)

    Better to be a confused little boy than an old man way out of the loop.

    I think I can say that while you were in diapers I was still programming in Basic. Yeah, that’s right. Basic. Anyone up for a game of Gorillas or Nibbles…?

  • 07/10/2013 (12:33 AM)

    Well if you have problems then you need solutions and it sounds like you have a few too. If you’re not having fun with something then there’s no real reason to keep on doing it unless you need the money or something. That’s what a real job is.

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