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Alliteration is awesome!

Oh God that title is so misleading this is hilarious. (Seriously though, I’d better not get into any trouble for this.)

Okay first things first, let’s clear thing up a bit. By babies I mean those projects I used to treasure. The ones I loved, had great ambitious plans for… The ones I dropped. It’s a sad story, but it’s happened a lot. If you were here a year or two ago you probably remember me working on a shitton of “secretprojects”. Well, so far, none of them have made it very far. Hell, none of them are currently alive and breathing. There’s still hope for a couple of them, but even for those I doubt they’ll ever see the light of day.

Thing is, my interest wavers. A lot. I’m already starting to lose interest in that mystery dungeon game (I should probably start working on it again soon to refuel my passion for it), and that hasn’t even been around two months. Caves’ been running for months now, I think it’s not an exaggeration to call it a fucking miracle.

I’ve made posts like these before. Looking back on everything I once intended on committing to, seeing through to the very end. Ranging from very childish stuff (like The RecolorDex Project) to community services (VDex Breeding Calculator, X Library) to writing (Search for Hope, 2012, Beasts, Super Ludus) to the more recent gamedev (Pet Plant Sim, Panic Attack). Heh, just tried finding if I still have the files for all those things. Except for the very early ones I still got most of these things. God even just listing the names of some of them is embarrassing. Just took a peek at the .doc I had for an old fiction. GOD was I bad! For shame.

Really goes to show I’ve come a long way though. And then to think people praised me for that work, told me it was actually good. Now I’m not sure if that was just an uneducated opinion or a lie of out pity. Hah. Pretty neat how the digital age is making all this possible, looking through one’s own works without having to search for them in a huge messy pile, without continuously having to worry about losing them, accidentally throwing them away.

Maybe I’ll pick some of them back up again. Just maybe.
~ Fang

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