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Over a month in the making!
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Here’s hoping

I just sent an email saying the website’s mostly finished save for some “a-okay”s from him.

It’s for that website project I probably talked about a month ago or so. You know, the one for the dad of a friend. I finished the final page today, tweaked what still didn’t look good, optimized the living snot out of everything (though I’ve mostly been doing that along the way), and cried at the dirty hacks I’ve been using. I’ll probably have a post up on Monday (because Caves takes tomorrow’s post) on what I learned from doing a project like this. How it went, what to take away from it, the usual.

Until then, I’ll just have to hope it gets accepted without too much trouble.
Pretty scary, actually. Sending off that email after having listed every single thing you did in the hopes to make a good impression and weaken the pain of any errors that are still in the site. I hope there’s none though, going back and fixing that mess I made will be a huge pain.
Okay it’s not that bad, but still.

In other news, I haven’t worked on any personal projects in the past months. At all. Not really news, but I felt like putting it up here again, to punish myself, kind of. I will probably put the Mystery Dungeon game in the freezer for a while and think up some games with smaller scopes. And then document every essential feature of it, implement those AND NOTHING MORE, polish it up a bit, and call it a finished game. Because that’s how it works, limiting scope.

Here’s hoping I will actually go through with that.
~ Fang


  • 27/10/2013 (6:13 AM)

    Good luck with the smaller scale project man, and with the website. It’s not so bad you haven’t been working on personal projects much. Stick with smaller goals for now and relish the feeling of success and achievement. The lack of satisfaction is one problem with larger scale projects. Save those for when you’re more self motivated.

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