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Had the first exam of the week today, and with that I’m already halfway through. Heh.

Today’s test featured a couple of small, theoretical questions, and three practical ones. This was distributed over the two subjects the exam covered, so I already expected the questions to not be very in-depth. The theoretical ones were a bit rough, had to make some guesses here and there. Didn’t expect any different though, I always suck with that kind of stuff anyway. The practical questions were a breeze, but I still can’t get over how stupid it is that we have to program on paper.

So there’s that. Expecting a good mark on it. Think Wednesday’s exam will be a tad tougher since it includes a more theory-rich subject, but it still shouldn’t be too bad. Looking forward to finally having it out of the way, so I can nag teammates to get to work with the project and have that slowly complete during autumn break so the following project weeks won’t get super loaded.
They probably will though, what with details and stupid requirements and all that.

In other news, there is not other news. New Caves tomorrow, I’ll have to start working on it early so I don’t have to stay up super late.
~ Fang


  • 15/10/2013 (12:53 AM)

    Well theories are guesswork. Then you experiment to see if you were right or not. Hope the exam went well and that the one on Wednesday goes good too.

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