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Caves, p41

I’m treading on dangerous ground here. This is the point in the story where I suspect I’ll fuck up majorly, we’ll see. (previous)

Mara had led them deeper into the caves. The air had gotten a little less strong, but Andrea was still coughing up blood. In order to to keep up with Mara’s justified hasty attitude Mitchell carried Andrea on his back. She probably would’ve gotten a kick out of it, had she not been so ill.
They ended up at a tribal-looking village. A few handful of houses, most carefully crafted out of raw material found in the caves, some looking as if they’re about to collapse.
‘There!’ Mara pointed to one of the houses. After Mitchell caught up with her, they went inside.

‘Mara, dear!’ The voice of an old man welcomed her in a happy tone. A tone that was lost as soon as the man saw she had brought visitors. ‘I see you brought some friends over.’ He greeted the duo with a stern look. Mitchell quickly nodded to acknowledge the man’s presence before letting Andrea off his back. She tried standing on her own, but her legs trembled like jelly and so she quickly sat down.
‘Sorry to intrude like this.’ Mitchell wasn’t sure what to say, but despite his confusion about, well, everything, he still managed to get something relatively polite out. ‘My friend is sick, we hoped you could help.’

The man rose from his stool and inspected Mitchell. The wyvern scale necklace caught his eyes. He walked over and ran his fingertips across it, as if verifying its authenticity. A low grumble could be heard boiling in his throat. ‘The likes of you? Get the hell out of here. You’ll only-‘
‘Buh grapa!’ Mara interjected in a way not unlike a child begging its parents for something they want. ‘The gemseally like ‘im!’
‘Mara please.’ He was trying his best to keep his voice down. ‘Gemite is a parasite, it loves most anything it can leech off.’
An angry groan came out of Mara’s mouth. ‘They’nt baddies!’ Before he could react, she snatched Mitchell’s gemstone away again and threw it at the old man. ‘Lissen, jussis once!’

Doesn’t feel too good. How was it? Be harsh, as usual. (Also, “gemite”. Marry my pickle and call me Jose, but that’s just fucking terrible. Suggestions more than welcome.) (next)
~ Fang


  • 28/10/2013 (2:23 PM)

    What’s wrong with gemite? And I’m with Mark, I haven’t read a lot of fiction that uses parasites, so I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

    Also, thank you for the phrase, “Marry my pickle and call me Jose,” which I may now add to my personal vocabulary.

  • 28/10/2013 (1:55 AM)

    Hey gemite isn’t that bad and you’re doing a pretty good job of keeping me interested. I’m pretty interested in this parasite stuff. A parasite would be cool, it’s something that’s not really done very often.

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