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silent but deadly
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Caves, p40

Oh fuck new Caves. I’m pretty sure I planned on doing this earlier today, but here we are again, closing in on midnight, and I’ve yet to start. (previous)

After the turn left the path went uphill. A tad steep, but still very much traversable. Mara happily hopped ahead. Mitchell kept a slower pace, so as not to leave Andrea behind. She was clearly having trouble enduring the pain induced by the air.
‘It’s not that bad, had worse.’ She was lying. Even the tingling Mitchell felt was started to transcend irritating now, giving off a feeling that felt like small, coldish flames were crawling all over his body. And he was the one with the apparent higher tolerance for whatever was in the air.

Mara had disappeared behind a curve in the tunnel. Her footsteps stopped. ‘Ya commina what?’
As they made their way around the corner, Mara came into sight. Behind her was a brightly-lit open area. Within a couple of steps the entire thing became visible.
‘Oh my God.’
It was a huge hollow area with a small lake in the center. The water in it, albeit a bit murky, sparkled with the light from above. The ceiling directly over the lake was a hole, allowing for the orange misty light source to shine its rays inside. A breeze blew in some debris from above, most of it falling into the lake. The finer particles were swept further into the caves by the wind, which escaped through the various tunnels the area gave access to.

Andrea coughed violently. ‘Ah, fuck.’ Her mumbling was barely audible with her hand in front of her mouth like that. She removed her hand and wanted to repeat what she just said, but froze for a second. ‘Ah, fuck!’
Mitchell turned to look. Her hand was covered in blood. ‘Shit!’ He touched her by the shoulder. ‘Look at me, you okay?’
She lifted her head and shook it. The commotion had drawn the attention of Mara, who had already moved on a short distance. When she saw the state Andrea was in she rushed back. ‘Oww no!’ The tone with which she said it sounded exaggerated, like a child’s first attempt at acting. The look of concern on her face was anything but fake though. She feverishly scanned the area left and right, as if she’d find a solution just laying around somewhere. ‘Follomee, wick!’

I hope I got the “awe striking” feeling across there. Wanted to add “Awestruck.” after that lone line of speech, but it felt redundant. Be harsh! (next)
~ Fang


  • 24/10/2013 (1:35 PM)

    Very descriptive and well conveyed. Who’d have thought something so beautiful could be killing Andrea? Is her reaction like mine, every time I (yearly) go out into the sun? “It burns, my God, it burns!”

  • 24/10/2013 (12:16 PM)

    I always suck at getting across a great visual. I find it hard to do. Anyway, I’m pretty interested. It sounds to me like they’ve almost discovered actual sunlight or air from above and Andrea’s body isn’t used to it.

    I’m going to be so disappointed because that clearly isn’t it.

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