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Caves, p38

Let’s see if I can write decently again. (previous)

‘Ya sure this’s the right way?’ Andrea stopped, breathing quickly and heavily. Mitchell wasn’t in much better shape, especially since he had to run with his sword strapped to his side. You know, “just in case.”
‘I’m…’ Huffing, but continuing to move forward. ‘I’m pretty sure.’
Andrea waited for a little bit hoping Mitchell’d slow down. But he didn’t, so she was forced to catch up to him again. ‘How can you know?’
Mitchell sighed, picked up the pace again. ‘A gut feeling, okay?’ He didn’t mean to snap, but in hindsight it seemed like he did. He wasn’t lying though, there was definitely something instinctual at work here.
‘Whatever you say, bossman.’

Just as they thought they were officially completely lost, sharp hearing picked up the rumbling of boulders. Nothing extreme, but it sounded like someone was moving a bunch of stones around. It was their only lead, so they decided to head for its source.
A couple forks in the road and arguments over which direction the sound was coming from later they had found its origin. The girl from earlier was trying to force her way through a pile of rocks and rubble and appeared stuck in an uncomfortable upside-down position.

She hadn’t noticed the duo sneaking up on her yet, and let out a yelp when Andrea pulled her out of it by her legs and held her up in a similar fashion. ‘Lemmego lemmego lemmegooooo!’ She flailed around, but Andrea had a good enough grip to not just let her go.
‘I heard you stole something precious?’ Andrea turned her prey around and looked it in the eyes. ‘Might wanna give that back now.’
‘Oh.’ Much to everyone’s surprise, she stopped flailing. ‘Itchoo.’ She crossed her arms and pouted. The upset expression on her face seemed very mature, in contrast to her otherwise childish looks and behavior.
‘Can I put you down?’ The girl shrugged indifferently. Realizing the girl wasn’t going to take off again, she was roughly dropped to the floor.
Mitchell noticed this. But instead of making it a point he had a better plan. ‘You okay?’ He kneeled down to the girl’s level.
Upon hearing his voice she violently swung her head around to confirm it was Mitchell who spoke. She apparently hadn’t noticed him before. ‘Oh, itchoo!’ She preferred Mitchell over Andrea, that much was certain. ‘I, uh…’
Mitchell interrupted her. ‘You want to get through here, right?’ He looked at the pile of rubble the girl had been stuck in. ‘We can probably open that up for you.’
She excitedly hopped a few times. ‘Canya really? Hee!’ Her smile faded again though as soon as Mitchell continued.
‘How about we make a trade?’

I hope the slightly garbled, badly nuanced speech of the girl is understandable? Though I’m probably better off asking this once you’ve heard her talk more, it’d be cool if you could let me know already (and as we go as well). (next)
~ Fang


  • 17/10/2013 (2:58 PM)

    Seems perfectly understandable to me. As Mark said, she keeps saying “It’s you,” right? She’s got a quick, funny way of talking. Kind of pushes her words together. I like that. It’s quirky and sets her apart as a unique character.

  • 17/10/2013 (12:05 PM)

    You can’t write decently again. In order to do that you’d have to stop writing decently.The girl’s speech is pretty understandable. From what I can gather she just talks very very quickly and she was basically saying “It’s you” to both people.

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