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The heart is the strongest muscle.
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Caves, p37

Yesterday I was looking forward to writing this. Now… a little less. (previous)

‘Hey!’ A childlike high-pitched voice came out of the creature. The unexpected noise shocked Mitchell into falling out of the tree. Recovering took him a while, but the creature was still sitting in the tree, looking down at him with bright blue curiosity-filled eyes. It climbed down the tree in a very agile manner. Mitchell could now see it was a little girl, for the most part concealed in her ragged cloak and behind her shoulder-length, ruffled hair. ‘Ya kay?’

‘Y-‘ Mitchell tried to utter a response, but had to take a few deep breaths to calm himself first. ‘Y-yeah, you just scared me.’
The girl giggled. ‘Jus camma geddis.’ She moved her robe a bit to reveal a gemstone. In fact, it was the very piece Mitchell had taken out of its tree.
‘When did you-‘ He stopped, realizing he had probably been out for a while. ‘Mind giving that back?’
‘Well~’ It sounded contemplating, . ‘It does like you, but… nocando!’ Though the speed of her speech fluctuated, it kept the hasty feel throughout. She didn’t seem in any particular hurry though, and impishly danced around.
Mitchell wasn’t as happy with the situation. ‘Will you stop that!’ He still wasn’t sure if he was dealing with an actual child here, given the circumstances, but he stayed on the safe side. ‘Bad things’ll happen if you don’t return that!’
The girl stopped dancing and looked up at the guy who just spoke so meanly to her with watery eyes. ‘…kay!’ And off she was, scurrying away into the darkness more swiftly than Mitchell could hope to react.

What was that? Was he being toyed with, was this some sort of prank? What was a young girl like that doing here alone anyway? Whatever the case, Mitchell wouldn’t stand for this. He was… Was he? Yeah, he was definitely robbed.
He climbed back into the tree to wake his partner. ‘Hey, wake up, we got a bit of a situation.’
A slow groan was the best he could get for a response. A bit more patience rewarded him with a ‘Piss off, Mitch. Tryin’ to sleep here.’
With a bit more jarring, Mitchell got her at least partially awake. ‘There was this girl and she came out of nowhere and she took my thing and what do we do?’
‘Woah.’ Andrea took her time to set up straight. ‘Slow down there captain. Who shook your what now?’
He realized his hands were shaking. Thinking back, he was pretty amazed by how calm he kept after encountering the girl. All the nervousness of then was hitting him only now. ‘Some tramp girl stole my stuff!’
Andrea was noticeably awake now, the odd scenario coming to her as much of a shock as to Mitchell. ‘What’s ya waiting for then? Give chase!’

A single beer and many hours later, this is finally finished. (Essentially just me procrastinating.) This part feels like a load of bull, but you be the judge. (next)
~ Fang


  • 12/10/2013 (1:19 AM)

    I don’t think it’s as bad as you seem to be fearing it is. It’s pretty good every character has their own voice and manner of speaking. It’s something I can struggle with so seeing you pull it off makes me pretty proud.

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