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Caves, p36

Will our heroes be able to set up a decent camp? Will their stalker join them in bed? Will they join each other in bed? Find out now! (previous)

‘There, that should do it.’ Andrea had put up a couple of hammocks in the tree, with a little help from Mitchell. They were pretty high up in the decently sized tree and it itself was situated near a wall, limiting the angles of attack any predators would be able to take. ‘Can I have first shift?’
Mitchell looked up at Andrea. He was hauling the last of their gear into their little camp. ‘If you want, sure.’
‘G’night then.’ She climbed over to a hammock at the outer part of the tree and carefully lowered herself into it as Mitchell went to sleep.

‘Mitch, wake up.’
He wasn’t in too deep a sleep and woke up quickly. The worried look on his face disappeared as soon as he realized it was just his turn to keep watch. ‘Oh, hey. Anything happen?’
Andrea shrugged. ‘Nah, nothing special. Sleep well?’
‘Sort of.’ He yawned. ‘Not really.’
A soft, tired chuckle escaped Andrea. ‘You’re up now, don’t lose focus.’ They clumsily switched places, Mitchell slipped and almost pushed Andrea out the tree in his attempts to recover. ‘When in doubt, wake me.’

The lightstones they had scattered around the area provided enough light to see things, but not enough to make out any details. Mitchell rubbed his eyes. He had been staring at this scene for a while now. The shadows hadn’t changed one bit when he opened his eyes again. He could know, he had more or less memorized them by now.
He leaned back a bit, tried to make himself comfortable. It wasn’t working. Maybe for the better though, he had the idea he could fall asleep any moment now. How long before he had to wake Andrea up? His head turned to see how she was doing. She looked mighty comfortable, almost as if sleeping like this was the most natural thing to her.

Something smelled funny.
No, not funny. Bad. Just plain bad.
Mitchell opened his eyes. He had been sleeping on the job, but that was by far his biggest worry right now. Something was sitting on the branch next to him. Small, chubby, somewhat humanlike. It was hard to make out what it was under the lighting conditions, but that sadly didn’t lessen the smell.

I’m way hungry now. Time for some lubb. (If you don’t know what Lunch Before Bed is… I can’t really blame you, I just made that up.) Be as harsh as my stomach is empty! (next)
~ Fang


  • 10/10/2013 (2:48 PM)

    He didn’t sleep well in a tree hammock? I call BS. That’s like a nap of the gods.

    Kidding aside, looks good. Looking forward to seeing what this fat, smelly little humanoid is…

  • 08/10/2013 (1:31 AM)

    I don’t think there’s anything to be harsh about really, other than them putting up two hammocks despite only one of them sleeping at any one time, and even swapping places in the hammock with Andrea getting into the one Mitchell got out of.

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