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Caves, p35

Shibbity bop-boop, let’s see if I can take this somewhere interesting. (previous)

‘What was that?’ Mitchell wanted to turn to Andrea as he spoke, but was afraid of taking his eyes off the dark.
Andrea hadn’t noticed, which was pretty rare for her. ‘Was what?’
With a sigh Andrea stood up. ‘Ya ain’t helping here.’ She took a small fluorescent pebble out of one of her pockets and threw it into the darkness. Everything lit up a little bit, but no more than an empty path could be seen. ‘Must’ve been just you then.’
A slightly disappointed fart-like sound came out of Mitchell’s mouth. ‘You know, I actually have no idea what I’m doing.’
His slightly depressing observation was met with laughter. ‘Oh, I didn’t even know!’ The sarcasm was dripping off. ‘Come on pal.’ She extended her hand to him. He took it and she pulled him up. ‘We should at least find a place we can sleep.’

They came across a crossing of tunnels. It was the third time they passed there now, though it felt like they looked different every time. As they turned around the corner, they saw something feverishly making its way further into the tunnel.
It was more clear this time, both Mitchell and Andrea saw it. A small figure, a little bit plump but not in the slightest limited in its mobility. The two looked at each other, but both had trouble deciding if they should continue on despite a possible threat.
‘It can’t be that dangerous.’ Mitchell argued. ‘Right?’ He figured a creature that small wouldn’t be able to do much harm.
Andrea knew the caves’ inhabitants a little better but didn’t know what to think of this encounter. ‘I want to set up camp in that big tree nearby. Keep going, stay sharp.’

Pff, moving the plot along to the point where I know what will be happening again is pretty hard. I’m cutting it here to give myself a little more time to think this through. Sorry for the short part, thanks for your patience and harshness. (next)
~ Fang


  • 03/10/2013 (10:27 PM)

    Each part can be as short or as long as you want. The only thing close to a problem was “a create that small”, think you meant “creature”.

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