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I’ll probably do a proper good and full review once the game’s grown more, but it’s already more than good enough to warrant a shout-out.

Blockhead (play it here) is an indie game, you probably never heard of it. Not joking though, it’s been in development for some time now, but still pretty fresh nonetheless. It’s 3D platformer, much like those golden oldies. The current build only has three levels, but more are being worked on. Granted, I don’t find games like this to play best on a PC, but I believe hooking up a controller won’t prove much of a problem.

The aesthetics in Blockhead can best be described as pretty wonky, in a good way. It’s particularly true for the first level. Bright colors and sweet patterns everywhere, and there’s a sea of what appears to be some colorful cloth? Who knows! The other levels do a slightly more serious take, but still play around with patterns to, for example, make the water look like a gigantic wavy piece of cloth.

blockhead gameplay

Gameplay is ye standard 3D platforming with that special Blockhead touch. Enemies you can jump on to defeat, and if they aren’t immediately defeated you can probably pick them up to protect yourself against bombs. The crabs and bees from really early on in development are still there, the latter often used as single-jump platforms. And there’s collectibles, too! A bunch of them to collect each level, most hidden in secret spots you wouldn’t normally bother trying to go to.
There’s a time trial mode too. Great for speedrunners, and still fun for normal players to see if they can get a decent time. There are various shortcuts in the levels you can take advantage of when playing timed, and I bet there’s still a couple I haven’t seen yet.

I think we have a fairly promising game here, and hope it’ll continue to grow as much as it has. If you check out the old prototype build you’ll see it’s come a long way already, I bet there’s a lot more to follow.

Blockhead dev, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work!
~ Fang


  • 04/10/2013 (6:37 AM)

    Not for me. I’m excited for Super Hot though.

  • 03/10/2013 (3:09 PM)

    That’s actually a pretty cool looking game. I look forward to playing it for much too long and blowing off a huge chunk of today’s tasks.

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