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Caves, p42

Here we are once again. Sleepy-eyed, but I’ll write this part nonetheless. (previous)

The man held Mitchell’s loot in his hands for a while. Eyes closed, steady breathing, it all seemed pretty ceremonial. He snapped out of it by the second time Andrea coughed loudly, the small splatters of blood mixing in an unpleasant sound.
‘Fine, I’ll help you.’ Still not very friendly, but it was a start. ‘But lay one finger on my village, and you’re done for.’ What little bit of compassion he seemed to be showing completely left him already.
Mitchell was a bit taken aback by the sudden and successive changes in conversational tone. ‘We don’t intend any harm, promise.’ He tried hiding his sigh of relief, but it looked like the man caught wind of it anyway.

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And all the great times we know and love.

So apparently a small band was doing a Jimmy Hendrix cover night in a local bar. As it happens, it’s a band my dad’s a fan of. He also knows the guitarist and singer through his younger brother. Decided to go with him and check it out, and a friend was coming as well. It was pretty good, actually. Music was great, atmosphere was cool and the stage smoke was a bit annoying. Dad also met up with some people he knew and happened to encounter, which was pretty cool.

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A while ago I posted about Phonebloks, this cool new concept that’s basically a “pick your parts” smartphone.

Today, its spark is sent flying. Automated messages about it everywhere… or so I had hoped. As far as I’m aware, the buzz isn’t nearly as great as it was when the plan was first announced. Saw that coming miles away, but still. Haven’t heard much news in a while, but when I just checked their website, apparently they’re sort of teaming up with Motorola? Motorola has been working on a similar concept for a while now, and apparently they’re interested in supporting Phonebloks as well. I believe we’ll still be getting two separate phones though.

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To give you an idea, this is the website I’m talking about.

Little over a month ago I got contacted by the dad of a friend. If I was available for a web development project. I was to remake a site to be visually identical, except not run on a CMS (WordPress). It had tons of plugins and loaded all kinds of mostly useless scripts on every single pageload, and they needed a speedier website. Should be compatible with mobile, too, the current one was fixed width. I took a look. “Sure, I’ll do it.”

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Caves, p41

I’m treading on dangerous ground here. This is the point in the story where I suspect I’ll fuck up majorly, we’ll see. (previous)

Mara had led them deeper into the caves. The air had gotten a little less strong, but Andrea was still coughing up blood. In order to to keep up with Mara’s justified hasty attitude Mitchell carried Andrea on his back. She probably would’ve gotten a kick out of it, had she not been so ill.
They ended up at a tribal-looking village. A few handful of houses, most carefully crafted out of raw material found in the caves, some looking as if they’re about to collapse.
‘There!’ Mara pointed to one of the houses. After Mitchell caught up with her, they went inside.

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