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The fuck is this?

Come on, it’ll be fun!

So I’m working on this guide/course/series/whatever where I get people into programming by teaching them Lua (and then later on combining it with LÖVE because gamedev is way more fun than CLI shit). Currently it’s intended as some explanations and such for a friend, but I’m writing it as if it’s for a larger audience in case I ever want to release it. You know, to help others out. Helps spread the fun and love and all that.

Haven’t even finished the introductory part yet, mind you. I have to double-check that everything I explain works like that on other OSes. Should be fine once everyone got the IDE installed though, ZeroBrane handles pretty much everything from there. Heck, if we were to do some Lua scripting live from its interpreter that wouldn’t even be a problem, since ZBS has a built-in terminal for that. Woo, software is awesome!

So yeah, there’s that. I’m hoping to get at least one person all fired up. It’ll by no means be a decent foundation for learning other programming languages, since Lua isn’t strict and not at all similar to others, so you won’t be learning a common syntax or best practices or anything. But it will be fun, or at least I’ll try to make it that. If it’s fun people will stick with it, get better at it, and get curious enough to move on to something “better” by themselves. I’m laying foundations for interest, not skill. (Very bad wording, I will try my best to teach some good basics, but you get the idea.)

But it’s already sort of late and I need to get up early again so see you later!
~ Fang

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