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I spent too little time on school compared to my game, but whatever, I got something to show now!

Been working on tiles recently. More specifically, how their images will be handled, loaded, and displayed. To make sure everything looks good, a theme (set of tile sprites) has to have tiles that look good anywhere. That means we have ground and wall tiles, but also corner pieces of walls for example. The image below will demonstrate what I mean in case it isn’t clear yet.

dungeon placeholder tiles

As you can see, it doesn’t look perfect yet. No, I’m not talking about the actual tile images themselves, those are just placeholders. I’m talking about the hollow wall corners. Currently I’m only taking the top, right, bottom and left neighbors of a tile into account to see what image it needs to display, giving the tile a 4-bit value, allowing for 16 different tiles. If I want to be able to do hollow corners (which’d make it look pretty rad) then I have to take diagonal neighbors into account as well. Four diagonal neighbors per tile on top of the vertical and horizontal neighbors would make for an 8-bit tile value. Grand total of possible tiles is 256 in that case. Yes, you read that right. And that’s per tile type, per theme.

I’m currently mulling over my options, because I really want to get those extra corner tiles in. Thought of making a Photoshop script that puts together the different tiles out of a few base tiles, but it seems like a really time-consuming way, what with learning PS scripting and all. Another method I came up with was separating tiles (their images) into four parts, one for each corner of the tile. However, this’ll require the tiles to be tileable not only on all sides, but through the center as well, on both axis. This is a con the Photoshop script method probably has as well though, so there may not be a way around it. I’ll either have to learn how to tile thing properly without it looking repetitive, or I need to buckle down and do all those 256 tiles by hand.

Yeah no I’ll make the tiling work somehow.
~ Fang


  • 24/09/2013 (7:58 AM)


    Sorry I’m also a bit lost. But goodluck! Although I’m not too sure exactly what you’re doing it looks fancy and that’s what counts.

    Maybe you can explain it sometime to us mortals?

    Also, I did clarify something up in reply to your comment. I’d like you to go check that out too :p

    Thanks and enjoy


  • 23/09/2013 (11:45 PM)

    I’m afraid you lost me with this post man. But good luck with all the tiles. If you can avoid doing something by hand then go for it. Automation for the win!

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