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24 09 13

These days man

These fucking days. (That was the original title, but for some reason I didn’t want to swear in the title. Hm.)

I’m starting to hate Tuesdays more than I do Mondays, simply because of how shit that school day is compared to the rest of the week. I start early, I end late, and usually don’t make it home in time for dinner so I’m stuck with heating up the leftovers. Not that big a deal, but if you’ve had a tiring day than it’s definitely a big annoyance. And then you finish your dinner, realize you have at best three hours ’til you go to bed again, and you’ll probably be filling that with schoolwork and work.

Granted, it’s nowhere near as terrible as some folks have it (and something something people in Africa), but since it’s comparatively such a downer of a day it hits pretty hard. Guess I’m used to being way spoiled with good and easy times and all, that I’m this easily bruised. Heh.

Then again, I got projects to work on, places to go. Everything’s starting to pile up again already, and I wonder how long I can go before completely abandoning half of them in the hopes of finishing the other half. (Shame school and work related stuff is also on that pile, and will most definitely make the cut, because hey, can’t turn those down.)

Screw this though, I’m going to bed or I’ll be dead tomorrow morning.
~ Fang


  • 26/09/2013 (5:22 AM)

    I don’t complain about long days with early starts and late finishes.

    That overtime makes it worth it.

    • 27/09/2013 (10:01 PM)

      Overtime is not worth it, unless one enjoys it. ;)
      When one enjoys it, then it no longer matters how many hours, what happens or what has to be done .. then it’s all meditation.

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