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10 09 13


Fucking. This. All the way.

Their promotional video got uploaded to YouTube just today, so you’re probably not in the loop yet. I’ll embed it below, and give you a quick rundown here as well. You know how electronic devices are usually thrown away as soon as a single component goes bad and causes the product to malfunction? Shame, right? What if you had a phone where you could just swap out any component whenever? Battery getting worn? Replace it! Don’t use WiFi, replace it with more storage!

The idea is brilliant. The execution… as of yet, non-existent, as their site simply displays an Apache test page. Apparently this is caused by the huge stream of visitors they didn’t foresee. Acceptable. Still, you’ve got to admit, this looks pretty damn promising. Getting it off the ground won’t be easy, having companies take part in this ever harder, but once we’re past that stage and there’s a lot of interest, the ball can start rolling. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this. Hoping the OS is customizable as well, and I can build myself the perfect smartphone, one I could actually have use for.

Go spread the word, get people hyped. October 29th we’re going to try and boom this up!
~ Fang

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