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Mad respect for the folks who do this regularly and make huge impressive things with it.

So a friend is giving his birthday party today (about damn time son), and it’s a themed party. Tonight’s the night we all hang out as member of our mafia family. We don’t want no meat eaters showing up, so don’t tell anyone, capish? It’s all going to be great fun, let’s just hope I get there dry. For a present, I wanted to do a small trophy of sorts (plus some nice mafia-related goods), and I found myself at a papercraft model of something I think I could manage.

Well, I thought wrong.
It took me over four freaking hours to get the whole thing completed, and the quality of my handy-work isn’t even that great. There was just so many tiny little parts to cut out, fold, and glue together. I don’t even get why they separated some parts, because I could glue ’em together perfectly fine before folding them, which was a lot easier than glueing as I folded everything together.

Turned out decent, I guess. Let’s just hope it survives the ride there. With this many man-hours put in I don’t think my heart could handle it if it arrived broken or whatever. Wanted to take a picture so I could still proudly show it if anything bad happened, but when I remembered it was already too late, the thing packed and secured. Oh well.

See you all tomorrow,
~ Fang


  • Anon
    05/10/2015 (9:30 PM)

    Its like the easiest thing ever: cut fold and glue bend and research when nessessary

  • 15/09/2013 (12:00 AM)

    I can’t say I’ve really tried papercraft but the few times I have it’s not gone well. Hope yours does stick together and your friend enjoys it. Have fun dressed as a member of the mafia. That sounds awesome.

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