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I thought I had it, I really did. But then it turned out I’m just hat-on-ass retarded.

So I was back at the tile management thing again. Got some pen and paper (actually a drawing tablet and Photoshop) and started doodling things down. Got depressed because of no real results, hung on couch, and then decided to explain my problem to my parents. You know, kind of like rubber ducky debugging, except with more human-like rubber duckies. Too bad I didn’t stumble upon the solution mid-explanation. Oh well, no big deal, didn’t expect it anyway.

But then I went back to my computer.
I stared at some tiles for a couple seconds.
And then it hit me. Like a wonky-ass brick to the face. “Hahaha! I got it!” I danced a little bit, because I had found the solution I needed. It was a blasted miracle!
Too bad that roughly ten minutes later I got kicked out of my high as quickly as it hit me, because of course (and it really was fucking obvious) it was not a correct solution that didn’t cover all the cases I needed to cover. Which is to say, literally every case everywhere ever.

It got me down, but I kept on trucking again, like the stubborn idiot I am. An hour later and still none the wiser, I caved in. I decided to email a game developer friend. Now, I don’t like to come crying for help. It hurts my pride, but above all it often feels (and sometimes is) a pain for the person I ask for help to deal with. It was high time to swallow all that though, and so the email was sent.

Fuck if I’m still struggling with this two weeks from now I may just have to accept the fact that my game will never have hollow corners.
~ Fang


  • 27/09/2013 (1:04 AM)

    Hey if you can’t do something then it’s worth asking. Hopefully you get the answers you need and you can move on with this stuff and next time you’ll be able to get it.

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