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Continuing on from yesterday’s post, because I honestly have nothing better to talk about.

Made some more progress on Untitled Mystery Dungeon Game, most notably some improvements on the command line tool. It now display five lines of history. Messages returned by commands also get shown here. Improved handling of commands with parameters, and gave commands usage and description texts for the “help” command to use. Figured having one of those might come in handy.
I’d put up another .gif for you all, but I can’t be bothered and it’s probably not that interesting anyway.

Other than that it’s mostly refactoring and thinking. Well, thinking, I think it’d be better to call if procrastination. There’s plenty of dungeon generating algorithms out there, so I should just pick one and get to work, instead of fussing over it “is this the one I want, how should I handle this, yadda yadda”. Besides, I’ll have to use multiple algorithms anyway if I want to make different dungeons stand out from each other.

I think I’ve found one that’ll be good to start with though, so there’s that. While I work on dungeon generation, I’ll also have to work on what data to store on tiles. The type (ground, wall, water, etc.), of course, but I’d best store trap data in its tile as well. But what about items? Do I put those somewhere separate and just give them coordinates, or should a tile have an “item” attribute which can be filled? The latter’s probably best, but I can’t say with 100% certainty yet.

And there I went off rambling again. Like it matters though, this’ll serve as a nice dev log to look back on.
~ Fang


  • 07/09/2013 (12:41 AM)

    Hey keeping a dev log will be a handy thing to do, so keep at it. The improvements you’ve made sound pretty good but I’m not sure I count as anything close to someone who can say such a thing.

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