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I wanted to write another Caves today, but time doesn’t allow for that. Sorry, it’ll probably come tomorrow! Hopefully.

Had trouble deciding what to work on this afternoon, so I assigned a task to each face of a die. Add a main menu to my game, implement items/loot, attempt making art assets, learn how to work with Ableton, start a new part of that Lua programming guide, or work on a webdev project. To my great horror, it landed on 3. That’s right, I had to whip out my tablet, pull that pen out of my ass, and get to work. My only way out was rolling another 3 right after (two of the same in a row give me a thirty-minute break), but alas, I wasn’t that lucky.

About an hour of ragequitting and twenty minutes of drawing with a reference later, I had what is pictured below. My very first tile. It’s a front-ish view of a cave wall for that dungeon game I’m working on. Yes, the rocks are way too shiny, hence why some may see them as very goo-like. Someone gave me some pointers, tried to draw what he meant, but ultimately concluded my grasp on the medium was better than his. Golly! He said it’s mostly lighting issues, but otherwise looks pretty good. Nice!

shiny rocks cave walls

I’m still not super pleased with it though, but considering I still have to make at least ten more for this set (actual counts will be well over thirty for some dungeons/themes) staying and tweaking this one won’t do much good.

Learnt a lot though, used way more shades than I’m comfortable using, and doing this with a loose reference really helps as well.
~ Fang


  • 21/09/2013 (2:25 AM)

    As long as you learned something good you’re doing something right man. Take in the criticism and adjust. I don’t think I could give you much though myself.

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