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First day of school blog posts are a pretty big deal, you know.

Got there a bit early, but my train wouldn’t permit otherwise, so whatever. The first class is on the fifth floor and I make the foolish decision to use the stairs to get there. Not the smartest thing I ever did, but it’ll only have a chance of occurring once a week, and at least it’s exercise. So I get there all huffing and puffing, and meet up with classmates. “Oh hey new hair.” “Yes new hair.” Everyone seemed to have had a nice vacation, so that’s good.

Class starts. Even though the subject is called something different on the roster, it’s introduced as “data persistence”. The teacher seems like an okay guy. After a brief introduction we get to make a short test to evaluate if we’re still up to par. Three wrong answers on the fourteen questions long test, not too bad I guess. Still a bit rusty, but whatever.

Remember how I said I’d have school ’til five thirty? Well, apparently the second class is just a room that’s reserved for us to use, and thus presence is never mandatory. Sweet, get to go home twelve thirty.

When I sat down in the train on my way home, I noticed a piece of paper taped to the back of the seat in front of mine.
Hey Stranger,
Have a nice day!
ps. don’t forget ur beautifull After the initial annoyance of weird capitalization and bad spelling left me, I smiled. It’s not as good as someone saying that to my face, but it’s something, and definitely succeeded in doing what it needed to do, put a smile on a face.
On the back it said, slightly less romantic,
Your bill number: 28
There’s our number of the month, I guess.

So eh, kind of uneventful, boring first day of school. Can’t say this year looks very promising yet, but let’s hope that changes soon.
~ Fang


  • 02/09/2013 (11:46 PM)

    You can’t really judge how the year is going to go on the first day though. Pretty sweet note you found too. Who knew random acts of kindness still existed?

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